Creating an Immersive Art Project

PH Production Services were pleased to be asked to help work with the Methodist Church, 3 Generate team and the Methodist Modern Art Collection team, to produce an immersive based on Eularia Clarke’s painting, The Five Thousand.  Taking the single painting and creating a fully immersive art piece where guests could enter the space and step into the artwork to experience it for themselves. From conception to delivery we created the final project and was premiered at the 3 Generate 2023.  Everything has been designed for future proofing the project so it can be developed into new pieces of artwork and tourable to new and exciting venues.  Taking a still paining and turning it into a animated and ever changing surface in a 360 surrounding as well as the floor space, so you can sit in the painting. Working with partner company Pixellux to provide the animation, the whole team delivered this exceptional project and never seen before by the Methodist Church.

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Amazing feed back from the client as well outstanding comments from everyone who experienced the event in person


Planning was within a 12 month period from first discussions, with design taken 3 months and R&D and final delivery over 1 month Period before being launched.


PH proudly Production Managed the entire project as well using R&D to test and create the final project. From design, build and with partners developed all the animation content.


I’m not oblivious to the deadline & budget that made this a real sprint finish but the reaction from the young people (and adults!) at 3Generate was something special for the Methodist Modern Art Collection and people are still talking about it. It really was a little slice of Canvey Island in the middle of Birmingham NEC and people really felt as though they were in the artwork and had opinions, questions and real engagement with the work and its meaning. Olivia Threlkeld Heritage & Collections Officer | The Connexional Team


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