Live Streaming

Reaching a wide audience can be so easily achieved through live steaming. Perhaps, its to increase your audience or make your event accessible to those who cant be there in person. Our aim is to create an online experience for whomever is watching as if they are in the space with everyone.  Using a mixture of technologies and methodologies we can take your creative ideas to reality. No matter the venue, from conference venues to along the banks of a canal, we can make sure your story is told online.

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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the standing in conference environments now, allowing for more accessible events for audience members, speakers or guests.  Creating a shared event space where everyone can be involved in the room or online while doing it together. 

Our team has vast knowledge and experience to deliver your event to the highest standard while complimenting your creative and desired outcomes.  Technology is there to complement not complicate your event, and our team will work with you to help you share your story.

What have we been streaming ?

Technical Crew

We provide the entire team for your live streamed event.  Producers, camera operators, sound engineers, vision mixers, lighting engineers to name but a few.  Our technicians are practiced and well rehearsed in providing you a flawless event online.


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Live at the studio

The place for musicians to showcase a livestream event.

Event Production Management

Production services embedded in the culture and community of North Staffordshire.

Content Creation

Imaginative, creative, engaging video production to support your online presence.


Theatrical productions, live music performances, public events, community shows … PH Production Services tell your story, in a way that captivates and enthralls audiences. Lets start a conversation about your project.