Altair WBS-200 Wireless Comms 4 Way Base Station with 4 Packs and Headsets

  • Rack mountable
  • Two detachable omni antennas
  • Digital encryption process allows high security conversations

Dual pre-amble diversity antenna system detects and selects the higher radio signal ensuring better coverage and minimum dropouts.

Digital encryption process allows high security conversations.

The base unit can be powered externally from another intercom base station or from a 12 volts battery.

Two detachable omni antennas are provided with the unit. External high gain directive antennas can be mounted when desired to increase the coverage area.


  • Frequency:1900 Mhz band.
  • Modulation:GFSK/TDMA.
  • Transmit Power:22 dBm typically.
  • Receive Sensitivity:-92 dBm typically.
  • Number of beltpacks per base:1 to 4 units maximum in party, line full duplex conversation.


  • Party line Channels:2 Channels: A and B selectable.
  • Program Input:Line or Mic level selection.
  • Audio Out:Party line or Mic only selectable.
  • Stage Announce Out:Allows PA announces from mic base and from Manager beltpacks.
  • Headset type:Selectable, dynamic or electret.
  • Headset connectors:4 pin XLR male & 4 pin mini XLR.


  • Power requirements:90 to 250 VAC / 50-60 Hz/ 10 Watts.
  • Dimensions/weight:482X150 mm, 1U HE / 3 Kg.