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live performances captured in the highest quality

Gary Wilcox

Live Streaming Music – The Honey Box.

The Honey Box is a live-streamed music programme broadcast from King Street Studios, in Newcastle under Lyme. It airs once a month for a six-month season from November through to April. We supports local artistes with original material. We broadcast on facebook at 4pm for one hour following a days rehearsals. Each show consists of three acts, a guest speaker and interviews by our presenters.

If I were to describe the Honey Box experience to a newcomer, I’m not sure where I would begin. From the astounding range of talent they have performing live, to the wealth of experience that ripples behind the scenes, the team at King Street Studios have a warm professionalism that is impossible to resist.

I began my personal Honey Box journey earlier this year as an audience member, and was immediately taken by the professionalism and clear talent of both the invited acts and the production team. This was only heightened after being asked to take part in a live interview, which went perfectly and was hugely enjoyable to be a part of.

However, my experience of the crew over at Honey Box reached new levels after being asked to perform. In every facet, from rehearsal and sound checks, to act management and hospitality, the team proved both their experience, talent, and utmost kindness through each step. I could not have asked for a more comforting and reliable group of people to work with.

On the whole, not only do I want to praise every single member of the crew for their technical ability (and capability to pull off such a complicated set up without a hitch), but also for their personalities, care, and kindness. I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of it, and I hope I get the chance to continue to be.

Emily Rose Galvin

Poet Laureate, Staffordshire

We love the Honeybox! Run so professionally and effortlessly by the team at King Street Studios, it really is a joy to be part of. From the days leading up to the event, when everything is arranged, organized and communicated clearly, to the rehearsals on the day and the fantastic live-streamed show, nothing is left to chance and the end result is a display of our finest local musicians and artists – with live performances captured in the highest quality.

As a band, we got a demonstrable jump in our social media follows and increased attendances at local gigs as a direct response from our appearance on the show. At a time when there are relatively few outlets locally for bands to perform their original music in such a welcoming and rewarding environment, Honeybox is an essential part of the local music landscape.

Gary Wilcox

Don't Call Me Ishmael

Services provided for this production included:

* Event logistics and production management
* Set Design

* Lighting design

* Sound design

* Technical equipment required

* Camera operators and vision mixing

* Venue hire

* Social media support

* Support and advice on all aspects of the successful delivery of the day
* post-show video editing

The content and experience developed on the day create a lasting record of the music scene in Staffordshire and Cheshire and quality promotional material for the bands and musicians who appear on the show.

Honey Box Live

to visit our Youtube channel to watch videos of the artistes that have been featured click here