Showtec Compact Par 7 Tri LED spotlight

For up-lighting, decoration, or disco lighting, the versatile Compact Par 7 offers many possible applications. Its Tri-LED technology facilitates colour-mixing so you can create warm, vivid colours.

Design and light source of the Compact Par 7 Tri

Thanks to its Tri-LED technology, the design of this spotlight is nice and compact. Consequently, it can easily be integrated or transported. The light source consists of seven Tri-LED modules. Reds, greens and blues can be mixed, allowing you to create a great number of colours. Use the double bracket for up-lighting purposes. Simply place the spotlight on the floor against a wall with its beam directed upwards.

Controlling the LED spot

This spotlight is not only versatile within a wide range of applications, but also in work modes. The spot has a sound-controlled mode, but also a master/slave mode. If you really want to make the most of your Compact Par 7, use the DMX-controlled mode for three, four or even eight channels.